Support Instruments of time and truth 

Funding is crucial to us at Instruments of Time and Truth. We currently receive no public funding and even a sell-out concert cannot cover the costs of a performance. As a result, we are reliant on our own fundraising and the generosity of supporters to make our plans for the future become reality. 

Instruments of Time and Truth is run by two of our own musicians who believe it is worth investing in our community and that, by managing the group voluntarily, we can encourage reciprocal investment from the community. 

By eliminating extraneous expenses – the management fees charged by other orchestras and the additional costs of importing musicians to Oxford – the ensemble aims to be uniquely affordable and available to all: college or amateur choirs; institutions or schools; entrepreneurs or philanthropists. 

We are proud that Oxford now has an orchestra truly resident in Oxford; a Period Instrument Orchestra it can call its own. We shall present concerts of Baroque and Classical music with internationally renowned musicians who live in the Oxford area, as well as developing an innovative education programme and providing much needed opportunities for students of historical instrument performance. Please consider helping secure the future of Instruments of Time and Truth in Oxford by supporting the music you love.

The most efficient way to donate is by printing and posting the form to us and ticking the Gift Aid box, but you can also donate immediately by clicking below. Thank you for supporting Instruments of Time and Truth.