Pelham Humfrey - Symphony Anthems

Pelham Humfrey (1647-1674) was a genuine baroque pioneer in the word-setting of English biblical texts, as well as applying elements of French and Italian styles to his work. By the age of seventeen his anthems were evidently in use. Humfrey died at the age of 27, but along with Matthew Locke exerted a strong influence on his peers even at his young age, including William Turner, Henry Purcell, and John Blow. The seven symphony anthems included on this recording have been selected from the extant 19 to demonstrate Humfreys range of work in the genre. The anthems represent his most substantial contribution to English music and show him to be the countrys leading composer of the early Restoration period. 

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Music for the Georgian University by William Hayes

Choir of Keble College, Oxford, Instruments of Time & Truth & Matthew Martin, The Choir of Keble College, Edward Higginbottom, Rory Moules

William Hayes was Professor of Music at the University of Oxford from 1741 to 1777. A keen admirer of Handel, he composed celebratory music for many Oxford occasions. The Choir of Keble College and Instruments of Time & Truth revive music written for the chapels of Oxford, University ceremonies at the Sheldonian Theatre, and for grand concerts given in the Holywell Music Room, the earliest purpose-built public concert room in Europe.

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This disc of sonatas from IT&T's leader Bojan Cicic is now available for purchase. Bojan's playing was recently described as ‘fluid perfection’ in Gramaphone Magazine, and this disc was the Editor’s Choice in BBC Music Magazine this August. 

The CD is £12.99 and can be purchased via the button below. CDs should arrive within a week of the order being placed.