Edward Higginbottom with IT&T. Photo credit: Nick Rutter

Edward Higginbottom with IT&T. Photo credit: Nick Rutter

Thursday’s concert celebrates Couperin’s 350th birthday. For those who are unfamiliar with his music can you describe a little of what we might expect to hear? 

Music of intense expression, highly coloured, refined AND robust. Beautifully crafted, but always accessible. On 22 Nov we will present a picture of Couperin relishing his work as a chamber musician (sonatas and suites) as well as a public figure (his splendid motets).

What is it about the sound of the French baroque that particularly attracts you?

French music of this period has a strong leaning towards musical sensation: it loves to dwell on a particular sound, a particular nuance, a single expressive moment. I am greatly taken by the way it 'speaks';  the human voice always seem to be present.  

Instruments of Time and Truth celebrates its 5th birthday in 2019. As the orchestra’s conductor what have been your highlights of the orchestra’s time so far, and what are you particularly looking forward to in the future? 

It's been all brilliant: our Messiah performances in Oxford and Spain, our Mozart symphonies, Handel's last wonderful oratorio (Triumph of Time and Truth), and a terrific Mozart Requiem marking the 100th anniversary of Armistice.  The orchestra is working on a uniformly high level, garnering plaudits, and establishing itself a major player in the period orchestra world. Soon we will be off to Spain with Bach's St John Passion, and making our Madrid debut. 

Edward Higginbottom conducts IT&T in ‘Couperin @ 350’ on Thursday November 22nd at 7.30pm in the Holywell Music Room.